FIFA 11 PC patch 1.01


Vandaag heeft EA Sports zijn eerste patch vrijgegeven voor de PC-versie van FIFA 11. Er worden een aantal dingen gefixed, waaronder het scorebord. Deze stond niet goed geplaatst in de hoek bij breedbeeld monitoren. Tevens kunnen de Xbox360 en PlayStation 3 gebruikers binnenkort ook een patch verwachten.

Changelog for the patch 1.01

1• Fixed a “bug” that is associated with departure at the end of the match in the “manager’s career” and “Quick Match”.

2• Fixed a “bug” that is associated with the incorrect location of teams in the division when playing in the “manager’s career.”
Unfortunately, this will not work with previous versions of the game preserve

3• Fix the location of the bulletin board in the game at widescreen monitors.

4• optimize the choice of weather in the “manager’s career.”

5• Fixed a “bug” in which users have played for one team in the “Network game” 1on1.

6• Fixed a scoring system% SRI (DNF). Now% SRI (DNF) will be counted and exit through the ALT + F4

7• Fixed a problem with micro-delays in the game and video replays.

8• Fixed a minor bug that prevented the ability to change the keyboard settings in the game

9• Optimized work the game on systems with graphics cards from ATI.

10• Fixed form seq. Teams: Lincoln City, Zenit St. Teams: Lincoln City, Zenit St. Petersburg and Montpellier. Petersburg and Montpellier

Download patch 1.01.

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