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Joost Laurman is al sinds 2005 lid van het team van FIFA Benelux. Hoewel hij op de voorgrond niet meer actief is voorziet hij FIFA Benelux van technisch advies als dat nodig is.

Op de officiële fora van FIFA 11 is al een tijdje een interessante toevoeging aan FIFA 11 voor de consoles te vinden. Zoals je waarschijnlijk wel weet heeft FIFA 11 een mogelijkheid om je eigen spreekkoren in FIFA te importeren. Inmiddels heeft vrijwel elke competitie uit FIFA zijn eigen spreekkorenpakket. Ook is er een uitleg hoe je ze correct kan laten werken.

Om de spreekkoren te downloaden ga je naar deze pagina.

“I’ve downloaded a few files….now what?

To install audio: Burn to disc/USB stick/compatible Sony/MS/Generic MP3 player and transfer them to console.
Make sure, especially on MP3 players, that you put every folder within another folder called *MUSIC*, otherwise the PS3 may not recognise it.

For PS3 users:

1. Copy them over to the PS3 via flashdrive/cd etc. Go to Music and find your Disc or MP3 player or USB etc., press triangle and copy them onto your PS3.

2. FIFA11 will access Chants from a set playlist. You have to create these playlists. If you;ve already copied them (from 4shared) they should have automatically assembled themselves as an album i.e. all Bradford songs should be in a Bradford file….highlight this, press triangle, add to playlist, create playlist, name it…”Bradford Chants” etc. wallah, you have your playlist…..if you haven’t added them to your console yet go to Music on your PS3, then Playlists>Create New Playlist, then name the playlist a specific club, i.e. Bradford. Then, as the files are named by Album, just find the specific “album” you’ve just installed, press Triangle and “Add to Playlist” then find the apt Playlist you’ve just created i.e. Chelsea and bob’s your uncle, all chants are now in that Playlist. Repeat this step for all Chants and Clubs you want in the game.

You can do 1 and 2 in any order. i.e. you can name playlists before you install the files. ALTHOUGH if you insall the audio first, it makes it quicker as naming playlists can be done by selecting the “album” Triangle>Add to Playlist>Create Playlist, and it’ll already have the name of it there, there’s no need for a keyboard!
For Entrance music and Goal Music etc. These are indvidual files. Just leave them in the folder. You’ve only made a playlist for the above because they have many files. Entrance music etc. only has one. Therefore, there’s no need.

For Xbox 360 users:

As you’ll know there are lot of problems facing 360 owners, from burning, to transfering, to file names…the following explanation was made some time ago, instead you may want to follow the instructions in this thread :

File name transfering from PC to 360 is becoming a bit of enigma, no-one actually knows if it’s possible. (I haven’t got an Xbox myself, I’m just taking other owner’s advice)

Anywho, the original instruction:

1. It’s the same process as for the PS3, but instead of using a flashdrive, burn the chants/themes onto a cd (of which needs to be a CD-R, the 360 does not recognise DVD-RW or CD-RW discs.

2. You will need to make the CD a “Audio CD”, otherwise you will not be able to copy the files to your HD. Be advised, burning the CDs as “audio”, means that you’ll need more than one cd, as most programs won’t let you write more than “a given number” of tracks on the cd. So even though you’ll have more than enough space in terms of MB, you won’t be able to finish the cd if you have to many files.

3. To then make a custom soundtrack, go here:

If still confused read FIFA11 manual for instructions on how assign individual audio to relevant teams.

If you find that certain audio is too loud or too quiet, you can download “Audacity” (free),
Open the specific file(s) and increase or decrease volume by Select All>Effect>Amplify>Extract as MP3

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